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Username: janus Name/Company: W.D. International Average Pricing: $25/hour
Area of Expertise:
  • PHP
  • Javascript
  • AgoraCart Design
  • AgoraCart Programming
  • Shopping Carts
  • Script Installation
  • Website Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Logos
  • Marketing
  • Web Hosting
  • Profile: Save Time & Frustration

    Focus on your business while we focus on your online business.

    Affordably Priced

    Professional Design is in your reach and budget!

    Sell Online

    Your store is setup from Start to Finish. You’re putting the power of the internet to work; taking orders and payments online by the time we’re done!

    Personalized Attention

    We know how important it is that every detail of your business be exactly as you want it. With our web development team you work with your own project manager who will help turn your vision into a reality that achieves your online goals!

    Search Engine Optimization

    www.wdint.net permits you to expand your potential customer base by providing you with a custom Search Engine Optimization tool as a part of our custom services. Now you can get found in the search engines and attract customers from all over the internet! Maintenance options let you track and strategize to improve your ranking!
    Rating: 10/1010/1010/1010/1010/1010/1010/1010/1010/1010/10 (2 reviews)
    Member Since: 8/29/2006


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