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Feedback Provided by Webmasters for Freelancer "webgoddess" Special User:

Total Reviews: 11
Average Rating: 8.3 out of 10

Webmaster Project Name Project Date Rating
goutes88 Cart Setup Assistance 4/4/200613:36 10
Comments: Responds quickly to all customer needs.
jingle46 Loading Agora 7/8/20060:02 10
Comments: Small project though treated as a large one. Fast service and would use the service of this frelancer again
leephd Install Agora 11/12/200621:26 10
Comments: Webgoddess did an absolutely fabulous job *MUCH* quicker and more thoroughly than I could have imagined. I have worked as a programmer myself, and I have nothing but respect for her professionalism, and her willingness to provide service, even after she was paid. She did not nickle and dime the job either.
lythanael Agoracart Link Assistance 11/27/200619:56 10
Comments: Excellent service. Problem ended up being different than expected, but webgoddess found it quite quickly. Thanks so much!
morgy Agoracart Install & setup 1/2/20075:52 1
Comments: This person (CJ Marley) never finished the job (not sure if she ever started)and ran off with the USD 500 deposit I paid here. I have emailed her 5 times to get her to complete the project but no response,it started out with small excuses and then escalated into just ignoring the job and my messages completely. Does the moderator of the site have any influence over these people.
headbump Complete Cart Setup 3/19/200714:15 10
Comments: Great turnaround time, excellent service...I would hire again, for sure...
aftermidnighter Upgrade Shopping Cart 3/22/20074:13 1
Comments: Started project but never finished. Supposedly had family crisis. But I see they are back in business so family crisis was apparently resolved. Should have gotten back to me to finish project.
julifuli Need help solving two issues 4/15/200717:51 10
Comments: He worked back and forth with me until the problem was completely solved and delivered what was required in a timely way.
rodcoltd Website updating tweaking 10/31/200710:39 10
Comments: Needed tweaking in our AgoraCart. Webgoddess completed the tasks quickly. Our experience with Webgoddess was extremely satisfactory. We would definately use Webgoddess again. Thank you.
tulsabobt upgrade gone haywire from 4-5 8/22/200813:14 10
Comments: Fast work, great communication!
seattlenaba Misc. dollar amount 2/15/200919:38 10
Comments: Great communication and feature was added quickly and professionally. Great project and results I am happy with!

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